Unwind Time

The artist

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Sudie Rakusin,

is an artist, author, publisher and the creator of the Unwind Time coloring app. She creates environments that are lush and surreal, rich with color, texture and pattern. Art is where Sudie goes for refuge, replenishing, and how she pays homage to what sustains her.

Sudie wants women to see themselves as she sees them: divine and diverse. Her concept of beauty is vast. Women of all sizes, shapes, colors and ethnicities are represented in her work, sharing her vision for a more inclusive world where women are empowered and respected. The natural world inspires Sudie’s patterns and designs, and reflects her deepest desire to protect and preserve our sacred resources. In her art, women and animals walk side by side in mutual love and respect. 

Sudie published her first blank journal with pen-and-ink drawings in the early ‘80s followed by notecards and coloring books in the ‘90s long before coloring was in vogue . With the increasing dependency on technology, she saw the need to humanize the digital world to save the connection of nature to our creative spirits. She hopes for the Unwind Time app to sustain the artist within everyone, using technology as a vehicle for creativity.

In the late ‘80s, Sudie founded Winged Willow Press, a unique paper goods shop to make her art accessible to all through thoughtful reproductions in the form of cards, books, journals, coloring books, and more. To shop for all Winged Willow Press offerings visit www.sudierakusin.com.