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The Unwind Time App has a diverse collection of coloring books by artist Sudie Rakusin. These are comprised of original pen-and-ink drawings reflecting Sudie’s vision for a more harmonious, non-hierarchical world. In her images humans, animals, and the natural world co-exist each free to live out their purpose. Mutual respect, companionship and compassion reign in these powerful drawings that inspire the creative within each and everyone of us.  

Each book explores a different subject matter while sharing common themes: celebrating the divine feminine, relationships to nature and animals, and the karmic connection between all things. The coloring books celebrate women in all shapes, sizes and colors.* The natural world is present in all coloring books, honored and respected as it should be. Nature inspires much of Sudie’s color, pattern, and designs. She hopes these coloring books give you access to your innate creativity.

The app and the first two coloring books are free as Sudie believes art needs to be accessible to all. You may purchase additional books for $1.99 each. Once you’ve purchased the coloring books, you can color unlimited versions of each drawing. It is easy to save, print and share your work through all social media platforms or use your custom designs for screensavers and more.

*note that some images include female nudity in honor of accepting our beautiful bodies just as they are.


Coloring Book for Big Girls

4 original pen-and-ink drawings

With this free first book, Sudie welcomes you to Unwind Time, an app that is a portal to the collective magic of a world where humans and animals walk side by side. May these images reflecting mutual respect between women and the natural world inspire your creativity.


Spirits in Nature: Book 2

6 original pen-and-ink drawings

Book two features drawings of spirits, women and goddesses in nature. With this book you can explore the pattern and design of the natural world. The detail within each drawing allows for complex color combinations for you to claim the art as your own. May these designs spark your creative flow.


Goddess: Book 3

6 original pen-and-ink drawings

The drawings in book three were inspired by ancient deities from all over the world, from diverse cultures, religions and spiritual paths. Sudie interprets these age-old myths and transforms them into her own depictions. May these goddesses guide you on your creative path.


Womyn, Animals and Flowers: Book 4

6 original pen-and-ink drawings

Book four is selected images from a collection of drawings titled “We Are One.” Animals, such as horses, big cats, butterflies, dogs, and wolves stand by women holding their own. When you unwind time with book 4, feel comforted by the presence of the animal spirits.  


Trees: Book 5

6 original pen-and-ink drawings

Download coloring book 5 for free and explore the wondrous world of trees. Root into your divine creative energy and ground down to the connection we all have with mother tree. Rest and restore with trees, limbs, leaves, blossoms, and arbors. Delight in patterns and designs in the shade of the canopies. These diverse forests are wonderful for artists of all ages.


Swirls and Designs: Book 6

6 original pen-and-ink drawings

These motifs reflect patterns found in the natural world. These abstracts invite you to let go of labeling and naming and lose yourself in the landscapes of the mosaics. Let your color pallet go wild.


Animals Earth and Sky: Book 7

6 original pen-and-ink drawings

The interplay of pattern creates textiles reflecting the oneness of nature. The source of all design comes from the natural world. These images invite you to see the elements of the natural world in a new way and mix your own rainbow.