Unwind Time


The Unwind Time App is artist Sudie Rakusin's free coloring app designed to make creativity easily accessible at the tips of your fingers. Sudie created the Unwind Time app to sustain the artists within us all. In the Unwind Time coloring app, adults and children can download coloring books filled with Sudie's detailed pen-and-ink drawings of womyn, animals, goddesses, nature, and unique designs. Easily save multiple completed versions of each drawing to enjoy and share with friends. Print your work to decorate the walls of your home or office with your creations or save your favorites to use as wallpapers for your devices. When you take time to unwind by coloring beautiful pen-and-ink drawings with your unique pallett, you experience quality time alone with your thoughts and creativity, accessing inspiration from within.

Download the Unwind Time app for free to kickstart your creativity.

*note there are some images with female nudity

The coloring books came from a journal Sudie created early on in her art career. This 225 page journal included a combination of blank pages and 52 pen-and-ink images interspersed throughout. It was intended for women to write, draw, color in the images, make the book their own. While women loved the journal, many expressed that they felt intimidated to color the images, afraid of “messing up’ Sudie’s drawings. Sudie’s desire to give people permission to color, most certainly to color outside the lines, add things, and make her images their own led her to the coloring book series designed to invite the artist within to emerge and leave the critic behind. The coloring books then led Sudie to ask herself: “What are all the tools I need to create and how could I make them more readily available to others?”

These questions planted the seed for Unwind Time, an app with the full array of tools necessary to easily access the artist within. For Sudie the app had to have all the elements she has in her studio: the spectrum of colors, not only primary and secondary colors but also the varying values and opacities for shading, layering, and mixing, different brush tips both in size and shape, and an eraser.

The Unwind Time not just as a vehicle for creativity but as a way to humanize technology, reconnecting us to nature and animals through unique pen-and-ink drawings in each coloring book. These images pay homage to the magnificence all around us and invite you to take in the natural world with wonder.

Sudie recognizes that the further we get from the natural world, the less empathetic we become. The only way we will survive as a species and a planet is through compassion and mutual respect. Her art reflects her beliefs, depicting a world where animals and humans walk side-by-side in harmony with Mother Nature. The purpose of the app is twofold: heal the artists within us all and heal our relationship with the natural world.